Meet Gus! ICM’s Coordinator

Friends, meet Gus!

Gustavo Fernandez Agreda isn’t just the ICM Coordinator, he’s the heart and soul of our program. A former student in the Violin Studio of Ben Sayevich, Gus chose to study at Park despite having the opportunity to go to an Ivy League school because, for him, it’s about more than just being an artist. The emotional aspect, the distance from home, the hard work, are all equally meaningful. “Park ICM is a melting pot of talent, diversity, hard work, and support,” he says. “The ICM and Park University itself are all about caring for one another and overall, a reminder of what a real human being is. The impact that this environment has goes beyond words. It reminds me why I came here in the first place, and who we are, no matter where we come from or where we are going. This is and has been the home of many.”


Fun Facts:

 Gus has already leaped into the skies twice with skydiving, and guess what? He’s gearing up for another jump in March!

 When it comes to food, Gus loves trying new flavors (except spicy ones!). He’s always on the lookout for exciting culinary experiences.

 Gus wears many hats—counselor, driver, maid—and still finds time to play the violin, uniting still with Professor Sayevich. “Park means everything to me. It’s a chance to be part of something beyond just playing. Yes, music is life. However, in order to share it you have to live first. I met so many wonderful friends and people here, that there wouldn’t have enough words to express the impact they have on me”.

For Gus, Park ICM is not just a workplace; it’s home. He hasn’t been back to Bolivia in over a decade. However, this campus, these students, and this team are his life. Gus ensures that no one feels excluded or out of place—his dedication to inclusivity is truly remarkable. “No matter what life brings, I try to take advantage and enjoy it! You don’t’ always do what you love, but you can love everything you do”

Let’s give it up for Gus, the heart and soul of Park ICM, whose passion and dedication enrich the lives of everyone around him!

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